Thanks, Google. Android is Awesome.

Image representing Android as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

An early job during college was sales for Rogers Cellular (back then I lived in Canada). They issued me my first ever cell phone. It wasn’t even as pretty as this one. Mine was a dull/shiny battleship grey.

Here’s what I learned from that job:

1. Cold calling sucks.

2. Some of the best fun I ever had was applying hard thinking to sales/marketing.

3. Having a cutting edge cell phone is awesome.

Fast forward to today, and after years (and years) of some of the best phones around (Windows Mobile, even), I now have my first Android phone, the Sprint Evo 4G.

I love this phone.

And I just wanted to say thanks to Google for the Android OS. Thanks for making it free, thanks for letting it be promiscuous across handset manufacturers, and thanks for continuing to make it better. It makes my Apple iOS 4 device seem clunky. It makes my Blackberry (sorry, Canada!) laughable. It makes me seem cooler. People even stop me and ask about it now. That hasn’t happened since I owned the one in the picture above. And I hear the new Droids, including the upcoming one from Motorola, will be even cooler.

Maybe I’ll even switch to Verizon to get it. Someday.

After I am finished with my Evo.

Cheers, Dean