Dear AAA, Thanks for the Android App

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Dear AAA,
It will soon be time for me to renew my subscription. With cars so reliable these days, and roadside assistance available from many providers (including my cell phone company), my AAA membership renewal decision breaks down to 3 components:
1. I travel for work, so if my wife has car trouble she has someone to call
2. A small discount on hotels (which I don’t pay for anyway, see #1)
3. Possible discounts using the ‘Show Your Card’ program at some retailers and other providers.
For #1, since the same tow truck shows up no matter which roadside assistance plan I belong to, I have decided it’s basically a wash.
For #2, no one really cares if I save $5/night on a hotel. Choosing a cheaper flight is much more important.
That leave #3, and this week when I was traveling with my own car and needed new brakes, I didn’t remember to ask, nor was I offered, a discount via AAA. In fact, I am not sure one was available.
But if I had thought to download the AAA Android app for my phone that could point me to a place that did offer a discount, a single purchase could have saved me enough to justify my annual membership.
Thanks for the app… did you ever send me anything, telling me it existed?