Dear Amazon, I Am a Good Customer, Please Help Me Buy More Books

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Dear Amazon,

A wonderful friend bought me my first Kindle (a new DX) recently, and I like it a lot.

I have also been an Amazon Prime customer for as long as you have offered that plan.

Sometimes, when I am looking for a new book on my Kindle, the price is higher than I am willing to pay. Often, when I go,. the dead tree version is priced lower.

Please note the following, I am sure I am not alone here: Sometimes, I would prefer to wait 2 days, receive the paper version of a book, and save money.

BUT THE KINDLE ONLY SHOWS KINDLE PRICES (while shows all options & prices).

Can you please add the other delivery/pricing options on the Kindle store?

I am trying to make a purchase here, and you are trying to lock me in. It’s un-Amazon of you.