Dear Hilton, Thanks for the Points

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Dear Hilton,

Thanks for the points. Seriously.

My kids are young enough that staying at a hotel (even one around the corner) is a treat, and if you asked them to name their favorite meal, they would say “hotel breakfast!”. So thanks for the points, because I get a ton of them, they don’t expire, they rarely suffer from inflation (2010 being an exception), and all those accelerators I have (Double Dipping, the Amex Surpass card, staying at a different hotel every night of my trips to hit Diamond faster) all make for a much better customer experience than I ever got from airline points.

One suggestion… is there ever an opportunity to use money + points for an upgrade, the way airlines do? Just asking…

Speaking of upgrades, I used points to stay at the brand new Waldorf-Astoria Orlando this month, and it was WONDERFUL. One of the best hotels I have ever seen, and definitely worth 50,000 points (Low Season). My family is looking forward to the ‘real’ Waldorf-Astoria in December. Look out, NYC.