Dear Hilton, A Key That Works at Every Hotel

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Dear Hilton,

The other day, as I was checking in, I wondered… why do I have to check in at all?

Avis didn’t make me stand in line to get my car: I walked to it, got in, and left. And unlike a hotel room, I could actually take a car. Away.

The airline (!) didn’t make me stand in line for a boarding pass, I printed it before I left home.

Why can’t I check in on my smartphone before arriving at the hotel and skip the line? Why can’t I use my free Hilton HHonors membership card as my room key at all Hiltons? I don’t carry it today, because it’s useless, but I’d carry it if it opened my door wherever I stayed (especially this one).

Instead, I have to wait in line, again, even though I have stayed at this same hotel several times, as recently as last week, on the same days of the week. And again, the guest  in front of me has apparently never stayed at a hotel before, and doesn’t understand why things are the way they are.

On that, fellow traveler, we agree.

The takeaway: If your hotel membership card was also your door key wherever you stayed, wouldn’t that be a game changer? If your favorite chain had that feature, and the other chain didn’t, wouldn’t that help keep your loyalty?

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