Dear Starbucks Float

Dear Starbucks,

I LIKE the free drink after every 15 coffees. I always use it to buy something  expensive  (in this case, my better half bought a frap, a venti).

I DON’T LIKE that I have to load my Starbucks card with money first, then pay with that card. I liked it better with the card from last year, the black one with the gold cup on it. Where I got it swiped with every purchase, for the 10% discount, but didn’t have to pre-pay you.

My shiny gold Starbucks card is nice, it has my name on it too, but the new way just seems sneaky. Do you make much on the float, the time between when I give you my money and the time I use it?

Is it worth it?

PS I may have eaten more of your turkey-bacon breakfast sandwiches than anyone else in America… one question, why is it such a production to get it cut in half before wrapping it up? The folks behind the counter never seem to have a food-safe knife. Really, it’s that unusual to want something cut in half? Sometimes I don’t want to eat the whole thing, they’re chewy as heck and very filling.