Dear Apple, Why Does iTunes Need 90MB Downloads to ‘Update’?

Ipod Touch at Apple Store

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Dear Apple,

Nice work on the iPod Touch, it’s a great device. I have the 64MB version, and it’s been very handy while traveling. My Evo has made my Touch mostly obsolete, but nice work nonetheless.

I confess, I rarely buy music from you. I don’t mean that I steal it instead, I just prefer to use subscription services.

But I do use iTunes a lot, for podcasts. And I don’t understand this quirk about the software: why, when it needs to upgrade, do I have to download such a huge file?

Seriously, that’s not an upgrade, it’s a re-installation of a whole program. I update my iPod Touch apps all the time, and that’s a small effort. I update Windows every month, and that’s a small update (usually). Even when Windows needs to restart, it’s the operating system, so an occasional restart is fine.

I’ve worked in the software industry my entire adult life, and I can’t understand this one. You really can’t just issue a patch that replaces the files or libraries that need it, and leave it at that? It has to be a 90MB+ download?

I bet this is a way to ensure no one calls you after a failed update , or maybe you don’t trust customers not to mess it up somehow. But really, if even Microsoft can do this well, surely you can, too. Yeah, I said Microsoft…seriously, have you no pride?

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