Dear Starbucks, She Knew My Order!

Starbucks Ueno

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Dear Starbucks,

This morning I went to this store, and even though I only buy there maybe 50 times a year (I don’t live near it, or within 300 miles of it, actually), the same lady always seems to be working the morning shift, and she actually had my order on the counter before I got to the cash register. I am impressed. My local Startbucks doesn’t do that, and I go to that store a lot more often that this one in Reston, VA.

Nicely done. And thanks for the tall bold (Gold Coast today) that didn’t need to be requested. I know it’s a ‘small’ thing, but at the very least, it told me I travel too much 🙂

And also that you do as good a job as any brick and mortar company I know for the small things around customer service.