Dear United Airlines, You Did the Minimum Right Thing

United Airlines SFO luggage counter

Image by rynosoft via Flickr

Dear United Airlines,

Just wanted to say thanks for doing the obvious, minimum, and (for me) critically necessary.

When I checked in online, and saw that my ticket put my name as ‘Dean Dean Mr Waye’ (no, that’s not a typo), your agent, who I found after checking with Get Human, was straightforward and sensible, and changed it to the right name and got rid of the ‘Mr’ part altogether. For free.

I know, especially to those who don’t deal with airlines often, or maybe live outside the USA, that this sounds like the most mundane ‘Dear… Thanks’ post yet, but you and I know that this was no small thing, and that my odds of getting this fixed in a single call, on a holiday, the day before an international flight, is nothing short of a small miracle.

So, thanks. I appreciate this. So much so, I listened while the agent ran through her script trying to sell me a United Airlines credit card, just to be polite. And her script about booking a rental car in Montreal. And… well, that’s where I stepped off. Sorry, 2 is my limit these days.