Some days you are the tortoise


Just before the Avis bus lumbers out of its parking spot to take us to the terminal, a young attractive couple manages to jump on. Not married.

At the terminal they leap off that bus and run, yes run, ahead of me.

Security line. I see them again but I am ahead of them somehow. They get lucky and end up in the faster line. For the second time today I see their backs as they run.

Through Security. Putting my belt on (mental note, wear this new belt through the metal detector someday. It might not need to be removed).
I see them emerge on the other side with me. Again they were behind me somehow . Hello again, backs. Bye bye. Run, backs, run.

Now they are getting on the shuttle just before we leave. I am sitting and try not to watch them. Careful of those doors!

They are ahead of me again, looking at the departure board. Wrong terminal.

Today I am the tortoise.