We don’t care if he’s a crook, we are making you pay him 

So, I bought a Macbook Air. A great computer so far.

Like most people when they buy their first non-Windows computer, some software simply can’t be left behind. For me that was Microsoft Office.

Microsoft now makes a very snazzy version of Office, Office 2011 For Mac. Since I was paying for it myself, I went online to find the best price.

Using http://www.nextag.com, a reputable site I use several times a year, I found a sale, a download-only edition for $50, limited time only. No DVD, and it would take a long time to download, but cheaper, from a merchant I didn’t know. So I bought it.

It turned to to be a pirated version.  This was obvious immediately after the download finished (the skull and crossbones logo was a useful hint).

Now, $50 is not much money. I could live with losing it (I didn’t install the software). But since I paid with a credit card, I figured the thief who was about to profit from the illegal activity shouldn’t get paid. All Citi had to do was deny the transaction. After all, it was stolen property he was selling.

I contacted Citi with a secure message on their website and on the phone. I provided all the details, Web site, name, offered screenshots. I explained that I had gone through the tedious anti-piracy reporting process with Microsoft and could prove it. I asked that they not let this guy earn money selling illegal stuff.

Today, Citibank informed me that they were going to go ahead and pay him. Or, that I was going to pay him, since they were reinstating the charge.


Looks my everyday card won’t be a Citi card anymore.