From Cord-Cutters to Cord-Nevers to What’s-A-Cord? 

My kids don’t want cable TV.

It’s Summer, and often during the Summer I get cable TV service. Partly to test some of the systems my employer builds for Time Warner Cable but also to provide entertainment options for my schoolteacher wife and our kids. The rest of the year, we use TWC Broadband for all entertainment (TV shows, movies, music, games, the web… we are HEAVY, HEAVY broadband users).

My kids are girls, 9 & 10. And this year, TWC has a nice offer of $29 (plus many fees, no doubt) with a handful of HBO channels thrown in.

My wife grew up with TV, and she wants it back.

But this year my girls are not interested at all. We aren’t a sports family, so no one misses live sports. Without that hook (anchor?), the online options from Hulu, Netflix, and Youtube on our ROKUs fill in whatever they’d want from TV. When I explained that we would have TV, but not Hulu or Netflix, the whole idea was stamped out quickly.

I told them that they could watch the newest episodes of their Netflix/Disney Channel favorites. Not interested. They said they can watch those on Youtube whenever they like.

I told them that when their friends mentioned a show from the night before, they’d be able to talk about it. They said kids don’t do that these days.

I told them that we would have movie channels. They said they watch movies whenever they want, and Redbox has movies, too.

And that was it. I don’t watch live TV, so only my wife was interested. And her habit of leaving the TV on in abandoned rooms means she can’t count on me for a vote. That stuff drives me crazy.

So here with are. School ends tomorrow, and this year no cable TV.

Maybe I’ll buy it anyway. Happy Wife… as the saying goes.