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  • Dean Waye 12:06 am on September 8, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Dear Hilton, Why Aren’t You Selling Me Anything? 

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    Dear Hilton,

    I am at a new hotel near the Raleigh Durham airport right now. And it is the same, hotel room experience as always.

    Which started me thinking… why is it always the same experience, everywhere?

    I mean, you have me here and there, at hotels all over this country (and others), and what do you sell me besides a benign experience? Why do you only ever try to sell me the same thing, for the past decade(s)?

    –  A pay per view movie? I can get movies and TV shows from a lot of different places now. This is 2010, not 1990.

    –  A spa-something? Never been interested. And only offered at a fraction of locations anyway.

    –  Internet access? Well, now it is free. Thanks for that. But let’s be honest. It is uniformly lousy. Have you seen that iPhone commercial where the person in the hotel is using the video conferencing on their phone? That could never happen with any hotel wifi anywhere.

    Can you please think about selling me any of the following?

    –  On demand fast-as-blazes wireless Internet. Sometimes I need a g.d. fast connection.  This is doable. Honest. I’ll pay for it. If only because it would let me watch TV and movies from the sources I prefer anyway.

    –  Something in the vending machines besides stuff that could have been put there last year.  Because I get hungry at night.  I work a lot. And I can pay for real food.

    •  Car detailing … since I am leaving it in your parking lot all week. And it is dirty.

    –  Freemiums.  People in hotel rooms are bored (sorry, in case this is news to you).  There must be a ton of other companies that would be interested in your guests. Internet services and very small sizes of things would be the logical first step since I already packed without making room for more stuff. And national brands would work best, I suppose, or items that are not location-dependent, since I might not ever be back here. Anything I would buy using a laptop can work.

    … A hotel room is one of the last places where that sort of shopping or sampling can be done privately.

  • Dean Waye 10:30 am on August 27, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Dear Time Warner Cable, Yesterday’s 20 Minute Outage Was Awkward 

    Time Warner Cable Arena

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    Dear TWC,

    Well, here’s what happened… I was doing one of my many weekly conference calls with folks at … Time Warner Cable. And lucky for me, I wasn’t using Digital Phone, but rather wireless (Sprint). Lucky, because my cable service went out during that call. No email, so I couldn’t read what the QA guy had sent us. No IM, so the TWC project manager and I couldn’t have our back-channel chat alongside the official call, and if I had been using Digital Phone, I would have been dropped from the call altogether.

    Now, the last time I had an outage, I used my cell phone to tell @TWCABLEHELP on Twitter about it, they confirmed it wasn’t just me, and ultimately got my service restored, but seriously, couldn’t TWC have texted me a notice that a planned outage was about to start, so I wouldn’t be left wondering if it was you, or me, that caused it? I bet I could even get that set up for you (http://www.linkedin.com/in/deanwaye).

    Or, maybe have a Foursquare account called Service Outage, so if my cable went out I could check to see if that truck/guy/crew was in my neighborhood?

    Or, maybe use that new Facebook Places to do the same thing?

    There are so many ways to communicate with customers today, or at least to let them check status. Let’s think about it, okay?

    • J 4:44 pm on August 29, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      I’m sure they will take your suggestions to heart… and in the mean time feel free to take your business to another local cable/internet company. Oh yea… you can’t. Say.. have you tried their new tiered bandwidth pricing model?

      • deanwaye 9:41 pm on August 29, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        Do they offer tiered pricing in my market? I have Turbo…..

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